Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Beautiful, right?

Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Brussels Sprouts are awesome, cheap, and so easy to make.

• Oven
• Cutting Board
• Knife
• Baking Sheet Pan
• Oven mitts or gloves

Brussels Sprouts 2

• Bag or Bunch of Brussels Sprouts
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil
• Spray Coconut Oil
• Pepper
• Sea Salt (optional)

• Put Oven on Bake (mine automatically goes to 350 degrees)
• Get some oil on that pan and spread it around. You can pepper/salt up the oil a little.
• Rinse Brussels Sprouts and slice in half
• In a single layer, place brussels sprouts cut side down on baking sheet
• Lightly spray the exposed brussels sprouts with the coconut oil, this will help the seasoning stick and prevent the brussels sprouts from drying out
• Sprinkle all over with pepper, lightly sprinkle with sea salt
• Bake for about 15-20 minutes. I like to put a timer on for 15 minutes and then keep a close eye on the brussels sprouts (you want them to start to brown just slightly; do your best to avoid burning them)
• Depending on how they look, you might want to cook for a few more minutes
• Share and enjoy

Brussels Sprouts 3

Brussels Sprouts 4

(I was taking these pictures myself, so that’s why there’s such a big coconut oil spot {Artist} )

Brussels Sprouts 5

Brussels Sprouts 6

Brussels Sprouts 7

Brussels Sprouts 8

(Optional variation – halfway through cooking, add some fresh lemon juice and garlic – very delicious if you have the time/ingredients)

I would love to hear if you tried these, how did they come out?

What did you do the same/differently?

Any suggestions to share?


Thank you all and
Love Warriors

Bakon Chickpeas

By the way, you’re welcome.

Bakon Chickpeas

Bakon Chickpeas are seriously addicting. You’ll be mad at me but you’ll secretly love me for introducing these babies into your life. The best part about these are, they’re actually super easy to make.  What did my nephews think of these?

I currently use a nonstick pan (and probably not the good kind) but I’m using what I got for now and it cooks well. So my advice to you is even if you don’t have everything I have listed here or have something better – use what you’ve got and work it.

How  many ways have I eaten these? For breakfast, for lunch, for dinner. LoL, they’re a nice finger food for guests. I find making a few “sides” for people to nosh on makes for happy tummies and calm energy.

• Stove top
• Oven
• (Nonstick) Pan
• Baking Dish
• Cooking Utensils

Bakon Chickpeas 2

• Can of Chickpeas (if you have freshly made, I would love to hear/see how that comes out)
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Spices Such As..
• Smoked Paprika
• Cumin
• Cayenne Pepper (optional) – I leave this out if I’m serving to kids
• Sea Salt (optional)
________________________ (This line is here to remind you that sometimes you need boundaries in your life. This is not one of those times. This dish is completely delicious with the above ingredients..I sometimes add the below out of habit and I think they’re good for me)
• Garlic (optional)
• Ginger (optional)
• Tumeric (optional)

• Get some oil in that pan and heat on medium. You want to be a bit generous with this because everything’s going into the oven and it will dry out if there’s not enough.
• Open and rinse your chickpeas
• Add to heated oil
• Stir and cook for a minute
• The biggest flavoring in this dish is the smoked paprika. With a heavy hand, sprinkle enough to beautifully cover the exposed beans with that bright red color. Stir with spoon. Repeat with the smoked paprika once or twice.
• Add the cumin to cover the exposed beans.
• If you’re into heat, lightly sprinkle some cayenne.
• If you’re cool with salt, lightly sprinkle some sea salt
• If I’m feeling like adding something extra to my chickpeas, I sometimes add some garlic powder, ginger, and turmeric. Honestly they’re so good with or without this step so it’s up to you.
• Put oven on bake (mine goes automatically to 350 degrees.
• Stir and cook for about 5 minutes. There should still be enough oil in the pan so everything’s looking shiny and bubbling. Turn the stove off.
• Lightly stir and pour into baking dish, this will come out best (crispy) if the beans can be cooked in just one layer.
• Bake for about 10 minutes and check color/texture. You want them to slightly crisp up. The baking maintains the softness inside of the bean. (If you don’t have an oven…you can just continue in the pan. I have found that the end result using just the pan is a little drier, but they’re still delicious) You may want to bake another 5 minutes or so depending on your oven.
• Turn your oven off and place dish on stove to cool. At this point, the bakon chickpeas should be smelling up your kitchen with such loveliness, they might not make it to a dish. Go ahead, dig your spoon in (less dishes and I won’t tell).
• Whatever you do, try not to burn yourself, and enjoy <3

Bakon Chickpeas 3

Bakon Chickpeas 4

Bakon Chickpeas 5I would love to hear if you tried these, how did they come out?

What did you do the same/differently?

Any suggestions to share?


Thank you all and
Love Warriors

Adult Tested, Kid Approved

(Note: this is not my living room…yet)

nephewsI broke the silence with my brother finally, and was followed up with a visit from my beautiful nephews.  These little darlings are so full of life, enthusiastic, and adventurous.  Meaning they giggle constantly, jump off everything, and are willing to try almost anything.  While their parents eat it all (Filipino – no explanation needed), I am passionate about getting kids (and adults) into plant-based goodies.  Based on what I had on hand, and a kickass bakon recipe Melissa taught me, I made

Bakon Chickpeas and Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Bakon ChickpeasBrussels Sprouts

What were the results?

Bakon Chickpeas

Older One:  I don’t taste bacon

Younger one: I taste it!  I got some bacon!

Older One: Oh yeah, I taste bacon now!

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Older One: You burnt it.

Younger One: (happily munching away)