Adult Tested, Kid Approved

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nephewsI broke the silence with my brother finally, and was followed up with a visit from my beautiful nephews.  These little darlings are so full of life, enthusiastic, and adventurous.  Meaning they giggle constantly, jump off everything, and are willing to try almost anything.  While their parents eat it all (Filipino – no explanation needed), I am passionate about getting kids (and adults) into plant-based goodies.  Based on what I had on hand, and a kickass bakon recipe Melissa taught me, I made

Bakon Chickpeas and Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Bakon ChickpeasBrussels Sprouts

What were the results?

Bakon Chickpeas

Older One:  I don’t taste bacon

Younger one: I taste it!  I got some bacon!

Older One: Oh yeah, I taste bacon now!

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Older One: You burnt it.

Younger One: (happily munching away)

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